Poorly Lola abandoned with a life-threatening condition

Beautiful Lola was picked up in Pontypool by the police who took her straight to the vets. She was very flat and showing clinical signs of pyometra, an infection of the womb that can prove fatal if not caught early enough.

She needed emergency surgery to save her life so the dog warden asked us if we would meet the costs of treating her. Of course we didn’t hesitate to say yes.

It wasn’t a straight forward surgery; the vet thought she may have been aborting pups. The poor girl was also covered in ticks. Despite her trauma, this gentle and loving girl has been the model patient and everyone at the vets fell in love with her. She’s now with us and recovering well.

Lola is only safe and well because Hope Rescue were able to step in urgently with the necessary expertise and funds to help. Thank you so much to all of our monthly donors who ensure we have money ready to pay for lifesaving treatment in urgent circumstances.

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