Orphaned puppies saved by outstanding teamwork

Poldark Pups - Demelza and GeorgePoldark Pup - GeorgePoldark Pup - RossPoldark Pup - Tom

SEVEN puppies left orphaned when their mother died giving birth, have been saved thanks to the swift action and teamwork of local vets and Hope Rescue.

The Beagle cross puppies, 4 boys and 3 girls, were born at Budget Vets in South Wales in early April and were transferred to Summerhill Vets where the night team took over their care. Hope Rescue put out an urgent appeal for experienced foster homes who would be willing to take on the daunting task of hand rearing the tiny pups. Three local vet nurses stepped forward and happily all the pups, who have since been named after characters from the successful tv series “Poldark”, are now thriving in their foster homes.

Vanesa Waddon, founder of Caerphilly based Hope Rescue, said: “We were delighted to get such a great response to our appeal for help. We would like to thank Budget and Summerhill Vets for their help that day to save these pups.

“And also Abbey Veterinary Centre in Abergavenny, Vets4Pets on Newport Road in Cardiff and Caerphilly Vet Clinic for allowing 3 of their vet nurses to not only foster these pups for us, but for letting them take the pups to work every day to continue their regular feeds and monitoring their progress. It is this great teamwork that has been key to helping these poor puppies who had such a sad start to life.”

In the same week that Hope Rescue took in Ross, Zacky, Tom, George, Demelza, Lizzie and Jinny, it was also asked to help two more pups who were taken to local vets with broken legs.

Sally, a 4 month old Yorkshire Terrier and Emma, a 4 month old Collie x Lurcher, were both given up by their owners who could not afford their vet treatment. Hope Rescue stepped in to take both pups who have had operations at orthopaedic specialists Alphavets and are now recovering in foster homes.

Vanessa Waddon added: “We are extremely proud of the fact that all our dogs get the very best care they need and we willingly took on both Sally and Emma who needed expensive surgery to fix their broken legs. However this does come at a price. The combined estimated cost of the puppies’ vet care is around £5,000 in total.

“We would be extremely grateful for any donations towards these costs to ensure that we can continue to be in a position to immediately say "yes" to dogs like Sally, Emma and the orphaned pups.”

She added: “This also highlights very clearly how important it is for people to think carefully before taking on the commitment of a dog, which we hope is for life. We would encourage dog owners to consider taking out pet insurance as vet treatment can be very expensive, especially in cases of serious injury or illness.” 

Donations to help with the costs of treating and rearing all of these puppies can be made via the donation button on this page or on a special Justgiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/wonkypuppies/