A New Year's Message

This year has been the start of an incredible journey for Hope Rescue. We started looking at the possibility of purchasing our own rescue centre in the Spring and in December we received the wonderful news that we had secured all the funding we needed.
In addition to that, we were successful with our grant applications to refurbish our charity shop and the work is well underway. We also welcomed new members to our Board of Trustees who are already proving to be invaluable team members. As well as these exciting projects we manged to help 505 dogs, mainly strays from the three Local Authorities we commit to and a huge thank you must go to our wonderful rescue partners for all their support.
We ended the year on a high with only three dogs in kennels and not a single stray overdue in the pounds on Christmas Day - a huge well done goes to our Foster and Adoption Team, our home checkers, kennel greeters and van drivers for making that happen, as well as for all of their hard work throughout the year. 
A huge thank you also to our hard working fundraising and charity shop teams - your hard work has ensured that we have the funds to continue helping homeless dogs. Our amazing volunteer team also undertake a host of other duties - walking our kennel dogs, ensuring our social media is kept up to date, making cakes and doggy deli, to name just a few - the list is endless and we are so very grateful.
Last, but definitely not least, a massive 'Hope Thank you' to all of our supporters who donate and help spread the word about our work. 
On behalf of everyone at Hope Rescue we wish you all a very Happy New Year. Roll on 2017 - we can't wait to open the doors to our very own centre and transform the lives of our rescue dogs forever.