Local people rally round to help injured dog

Local people came to the aid of a dog that was thrown from a car in Torfaen. The young dog, thought to be a Saluki Lurcher cross, was caught and then kept safe until the dog warden could take him to a local vet. When examined, he was found to be suffering from osteoarthritis and serious problems in one hip with severe muscle wastage. On top of that he was skinny, covered in fleas and riddled with worms.

Named River, as Torfaen in Old Welsh means 'Grey River', he has now passed into the care of Llanharan-based charity Hope Rescue where he will receive all the care and treatment he needs. He will need major surgery to repair his hip joint and then a quiet foster home to help speed his recovery before he can be found a permanent home. The current estimate for his treatment including x-rays and surgery is £1,750 which will be covered by the charity.

Amy Greenfield, Hope Rescue’s Fundraising Manager, praised the efforts of a local Facebook community group, The Dogs of Torfaen, who immediately set to work raising funds for River’s vet care, “the community spirit and support for River has been overwhelming” she said, “this amazing group of people has already raised over 90% of the funding needed to help River.

“We will make sure that he receives the best care and treatment to recover and we can’t thank The Dogs of Torfaen group enough for all they’ve done to make that happen.

“It’s so heart-warming when people come together to save a lovely young dog that has so clearly suffered while in the care of his previous owners.”

It would have been cheaper to amputate his leg, but as River is only seven months old, Hope Rescue decided to give him the best chance of a full recovery. River is still very shy but showing signs of improvement already under the expert care of the charity’s welfare team. He’s now about to have his operation after a few days rest and a chance to gain a little more condition. 

Donations can be made towards River’s treatment and care by visiting his fundraising page, emailing fundraising@hoperescue.org.uk or calling 01443 226659.

His story has touched many people and even made it into the Express and the South Wales Argus