Little Enzo needs £9,000 for life-saving surgery

Poorly Enzo is suffering from a cleft palate which makes it difficult and dangerous for him to eat normally. We expect this birth defect is the reason he was given away at just 3 days old by the breeder.

He is currently being fed carefully by hand which prevents food entering his cleft palate and infecting his lungs. But this isn't a long term solution for a growing pup. Now he's strong enough to survive a general anaesthetic he has been referred to the experts at the Langford Animal Hospital in Bristol.

He has his first surgical appointment on 29 May which will be followed by two further reconstructive surgeries in the following weeks. The total cost for his treatment has been quoted at £9,000. Sadly without this lifesaving operation, Enzo simply won't survive.

He's a little fighter and currently has a good quality of life. As a typical puppy he has the odd temper tantrum when he doesn't get his own way and enjoys barking at his foster parents and canine foster brother. We really want to see him thrive and grow into a healthy adult dog, but we will need your help please. We would be extremely grateful for any donations, no matter how small, towards his surgery.

You can watch a clip about Enzo's appeal here: