It's all looking Rosy for the Kennel Appeal

Rosy, another of our wonderful Hope Rescue volunteers, has taken up the challenge to spend time ‘in the dog house’ to raise money as part of our kennel fundraising appeal. The appeal aims to raise £10,000 to tile the floors of 60 kennels which will improve the health and welfare of the dogs in its care.

A local property management company, Rhondda Development Co Ltd, has come forward to do the work for free, so we just need to raise the money to pay for materials.

This is a limited time offer while the company is between jobs, so we are against the clock to raise the funds to buy the tiles, adhesive and grout. The total cost is £10,000 - that's £166 for each kennel.

We are asking people to get involved by taking up our £166 fundraising challenge. If you would like to take part, you can create your own, online fundraising page here and we will be in touch to give you all the support you need.

For further information, please email