We have been working hard since June last year to change over the Hope Rescue microchips into the name of the adopters (with Hope Rescue as a secondary contact) in preparation for compliance with the new legislation, which came into effect on 6th April.

This has been no easy feat bearing in mind we have rehomed well over 1,000 dogs since 2005. However, we have been experiencing some serious issues. The majority of the Petlog chips have hopefully been changed over successfully, although we do not receive any written confirmation from them. It is inevitable that some will be missed due to the scale of work involved. However, we have only just been informed by Anibase that they have not changed all of those we worked so hard to submit in plenty of time. We now have a list of those they have not actioned (over 200), and they now require the information in a different format. We are working hard to get this submitted asap so we would ask you please to bear with us.

Our current advice to adopters is to get your Hope Rescue dog scanned at your vets and check if your changes have been made AND that the data is current.

Please let us know by emailing fosters@hoperescue.org.uk if the changes have not been made. Alternatively you can make the changes yourself to speed things up but there will be an administrative charge levied by the database providers.