Hope Rescue Dogs and Compulsory Microchipping


As you are no doubt aware, the law is changing and with effect from 6th April 2016 all dogs must be legally microchipped to their owners.

Hope Rescue has historically microchipped our adopted dogs in our name. We have been working hard over the last 12 months to transfer all of our adopted dogs' microchips into the name of their adopters to ensure we comply with the law, retaining our details as a secondary contact. As you can appreciate, this has been a mammoth task with 10 years' worth of adoptions and it is inevitable some will slip through the net. There may also be incidences where adopters have not kept us up to date with new address details.

If you have not yet received notification from the chip company of the change then we suggest that you arrange to get your dog scanned and the details checked. If the details are incorrect then please take the following action:

1. If your dog is still chipped to Hope Rescue, please email adoption@hoperescue.org.uk with your name and address, the name of dog, breed and chip number and we will arrange the transfer. After 6th April you will need to notify the chip company yourself to make the changes, we will only process the changes before this date.

2. If your dog is chipped to your name but the contact details are incorrect, please notify the chip company direct to make the necessary changes.

Our current policy is that all the dogs will be microchipped to Hope Rescue while in our care. The new adopters will then be responsible for transferring the chip details into their name on adoption, retaining our details as a secondary contact.

Please email adoption@hoperescue.org.uk if you have any questions.