A heartfelt plea on behalf of our bullbreeds

A simple question. Why on God's earth are we still breeding bullbreeds? The "but I am a responsible breeder" argument simply doesn't wash when it comes to bullbreeds I am afraid. No part of me can rationalise it. Anyone breeding bullbreeds and can offer an explanation then please enlighten me. Then come and spend the day with us - are you brave enough to see the consequences of your selfish greed? Or would you rather pretend it is nothing to do with you and let hard working and under resourced rescues deal with the fallout? I will also post this on our local free pet selling sites but am expecting an eerie silence. 

We are really struggling at the moment, more so than we can ever recall. We currently have 37 bullbreeds in our care. 26 are in kennels, 9 in foster and 2 in long term foster care. We have at least another 5 coming in this week from the pounds we help, 2 rehomed Hope bullbreeds to come back in due to changes in the owners circumstances, and 12 on our surrender waiting list (it has got to the point that we are advising callers that we simply cannot help sadly). The photo below shows our current bullbreeds and the extent of the problem more than words ever can. These are the lucky ones though, many more are destroyed each and every day for lack of a home. As our supporters know, we are proud that "no-one gets left behind" and we take each and every dog when we go into one of our pounds. But that ethic comes at a very high cost - financially and in terms of space. Last financial year our kennel costs reached an all-time high of just under £70k. The current bullbreeds in our care are sticking and we are struggling to place them with other rescues even though the majority of them are dog and people friendly. We still only have a handful of foster homes willing to foster bullbreeds and adopters are just not forthcoming. 

We are not a rescue to just sit back and moan about how terrible the bullbreed situation is though as we believe passionately in tackling root causes. Our free bullbreed neutering campaign is currently running in the SA postcode area following the success of the CF and NP campaign which saw free vouchers issued for 562 dogs. We are also working hard behind the scenes on a bullbreed awareness campaign. But we also need help with foster and forever homes. The more bullbreeds we can get into foster, or adopted, then the less pressure we will have on kennel spaces and our finances. Please spread the word as to what fabulous dogs they are and share our photo and plea – you never know we *might* also make just one person think again about breeding. Anyone interested in fostering or adopting can contact fosters@hoperescue.org.uk for further information