Heartbreaking Cost of Irresponsible Breeding

“I fancy letting my dog have a litter of pups, it'll be fun:”

“A dog should have some pups – it’s good for her!”

“I need some cash so it’s an easy way to make money”

“She’s only a dog……”

These are some of the quotes we hear regularly from people who just do not understand the misery and heartache that irresponsible breeding can cause. And of course, some just don’t care.

Please read on - the sad tale of one dog who had no choice about being continually bred from, and the tragic consequences of treating her like a puppy machine.

The story of Paws

Paws, a seven year old Springer Spaniel, come into our care in February from her previous owners. We soon discovered that in addition to an ear problem, she was also pregnant. The father of her pups was also a Springer living in her previous home so we knew she was expecting a litter of spaniel pups. However, there was to be no happy ending or adorable scene of cute little puppies for this poor girl.

Sadly, when Paws started her labour it turned out to be a traumatic delivery of a huge litter of 11 pups, only five of which survived birth. This was most likely due to a combination of factors: her age, the size of the litter and the fact she has been continuously bred from previously. There is also the possibility that she had an infection that had lain dormant until the stress of pregnancy reactivated it.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, sadly the surviving pups all passed away one by one, leaving Paws bereft and her foster family totally devastated. The poor pups never really stood a chance and it is likely that this has happened to Paws before.

This is the true welfare cost of irresponsible breeding and what is so upsetting is that it could so easily have been prevented.

We can now promise Paws that she will never have to endure the heartache and stress of another litter again and she will receive all the vet care and love she so deserves. Paws will stay with her foster family who are giving her a home for life.

We have been overwhelmed by the supportive messages and donations for Paws and her care. If you would still like to help, you can make a donation towards our vet fund by texting VETS89 £1, £2, £3, £4 or £5 to 70070 or visit our fundraising pager here.