Happy Gotcha Day Sapphire!

I think most of us who were followers of Hope remember the day that Sapphire arrived. I was humbled, angered, saddened, frustrated and my heart melted when I read that, even though she must have been frightened, confused and in pain, that she leaned on Ali, our Rescue Manager, when she went to see her the following day. Sapphire touched all of us but I had no thought about adopting her, I never fell for her and I didn’t “need” her. Sapphire was just another black Lurcher and I wasn’t stupid enough to want one of those was I? 

There are people on here that will say that Sapphire’s gotcha day was actually at Barking Mad last year … in one sense it was as that was the day she got me, the day she snuck in and the day I realised I “needed” her. The 22nd of September though was the day I left Glasgow in Scotland at 4 in the morning and drove to Blackwood in Wales to collect her. Today 1 year ago was the day Sapphire came home. 

A year of laughter and a year of smiles. A year when I have learnt that “Lurcher” really does mean petty thief! Her scars are still scars and she sometimes loses some of her confidence in certain situations but the rest of the time she smiles, really smiles. She loves nothing more than running, well apart from sofa surfing, oh and stealing things (favourite is still eggs) oh and nipping me to get me to chase her. I can’t believe it’s already a year … time flies when you are having fun 

Thank you to Hope Rescue for saving my girl and trusting me to be her servant and slave and a huge thank you to everyone that followed her story and took the journey with her. This is just the second chapter … there is a whole book yet to come.

- Kat a.k.a. Sapphire's Human Slave