Going the extra mile for Hope

One of our amazing supporters, Jo, has just undertaken a challenge, the scale of which cannot be overstated! She has just completed the Deloittes Ride across Britain (RAB) – a staggering 896 miles in just 9 days. For Jo, who only took up cycling less than two years ago, this was a once-in-a-lifetime venture, one of those bucket list things. And she did it all to raise money for Hope Rescue.

The ride took in some of the most breathtaking scenery in the UK, with over 15,000m climbing, covering some of the most barren moorlands, majestic highlands and lush green valleys, through back lanes and along stunning coastal roads.

As Jo explained: “Raising money for Hope is one way I feel I can help. It doesn't offer the dogs the thing they most need, 'love' which as we know costs nothing, but hopefully will help in other ways by paying for desperately needed treatment amongst many other things."

“It was an amazing experience, very tough both mentally and physically, but very worthwhile! It was only marred by the tragic death of a fellow RAB-er and reminded us all of the frailty of life.”

Even though Jo is now safely home with her family, including her two black labs Frankie and Isis, she is keen to carry on raising money and is already looking ahead to another challenge – but maybe not quite so far next time!

You can still donate by going to Jo’s Justgiving page