Gentle Giant Amos Needs Your Help

Amos' Story

Amos is a 13 year old Mastiff Cross and had lived outside for the whole of his life before coming in to the care of Hope Rescue. He led a sheltered existence and his only glimpse of the outside world was through a gap in the fence. Despite this, he has settled into a foster home very well and is now finally enjoying some home comforts.

Sadly, years of being exposed to the elements, plus his advancing years mean that his health is suffering.

Routine blood tests have revealed high protein levels, which is consistent with chronic kidney failure. His quality of life remains extremely good so we will continue to try to treat this condition.

After initial, intensive treatment at the vets he is likely to need long term medication and a special diet to keep him comfortable in his twilight years.

Can you help?

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Our vet costs

In January alone our vet bill was over £12,000 and we expect February's bill to be of a similar size. This has a huge impact on us as a small charity and we may struggle to cover the cost of future operations and urgent treatment without your support.

Your donation will allow us to continue to say 'Yes' when a dog like Amos needs urgent vet care.

Thank you so very much for your support.