Cosy Kennels Shoebox Appeal

This year we hope even more of you will get involved with creating Christmas Shoeboxes for the rescue dogs.

Christmas is our busiest time of the year and throughout the winter months we expect to see more than 150 stray dogs come into our rescue centre. Sadly, less than half of these dogs will be claimed by their owners. 
Hope Rescue commits to care for all of the unclaimed strays from RCT, Bridgend, Vale (west), Merthyr and Torfaen. We don't pick and choose; we take every dog so that no-one gets left behind, even if they are old, sick or an 'unfashionable' breed.
So why not start collecting some lovely treats for a Christmas Shoebox and drop it into our rescue centre or charity shop over the next few weeks?
You could include...
TASTY TREATS - Schmackos, dentastix and training treats are among their favourite
FUN TOYS - strong toys and tennis balls are best
A COSY BLANKET - but no duvets or pillows please
YUMMY TINNED FOOD - tinned dog food, hot dogs, or sardines. No dry food please.
Or if you'd prefer to make a donation, just head over to our Cosy Kennels donation page to make a gift here:
For more information about our Shoebox Appeal or to get your school, office or club involved, please email