Big Charity Shop Sort Out

The good news is that the Hope Rescue Charity Shop in Pontypridd is full to bursting with lovely donations. Unfortunately due to a lack of regular volunteers, it has become necessary to do a big sort out to ensure that the shop has new stock and a well-organised shop floor.

So there will be a big "Charity Shop Sort Out" on  Sunday 24th, Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th April, with the shop closed for business on all of these days.

If you could spare any time to roll up your sleeves and get sorting, please get in touch on You will receive as much tea, coffee and cakes that you need to keep you going, as well as making a great contribution to raising funds for the Hope Rescue dogs.

Each day the sort out will take place from 9am. to 5pm, but anyone is welcome to help, even if for only an hour or two.

Let the sorting commence!