An amazing 969 mile cycle ride across Britain for Hope Rescue - Jo is almost there!

Today is the last day as Jo makes her way to John O'Groats - please sponsor her and give her a real boost as she returns from this amazing challenge!

In Jo's own words: "The Deloittes Ride across Britain (RAB) takes us over 969 miles of the UKs most breathless sightseeing on a bike! Broken down into 9 consecutive days 108 miles and over 15,000m climbing. covering some of the most barren moorlands majestic highlands and lush green valleys through back lanes and stunning coastal roads. In weather which could range from gales of over 40 miles an hour winds to beautiful sunshine. 

For me this is a once in a lifetime venture, one of those bucket list things I guess. I have been cycling for just under 2 years and thoroughly enjoy my time on the bike although it does take me away from two of my other great loves Isis and Frankie my beautiful black Labs. So after a 100 mile bike ride they then get their turn and we go for their favourite leisurely walk alongside the river in Brecon. I have funded the ride myself and we have great support from Deloittes so all the money raised for HOPE will go to HOPE. 

HOPE are an amazing charity who do just that give hope to animals who, often through no fault of their own, find themselves unloved and uncared for and this can be for a variety of reasons but sadly all too often due to mistreatment. Animals give us unconditional love and affection and are a source of great comfort and joy. I would not be without my girls. The HOPE face book page often reduces me to tears just reading about what some of these animals go through. Sometimes tears of joy often tears of sadness.

Raising money for Hope is one way I feel I can help. It doesn't offer them the thing they most need 'love' which as we know costs nothing, but hopefully will help the charity in other ways by continuing to pay for desperately needed treatment amongst many other things."

Jo's Justgiving link can be found here