Adoption Applications for our Cocker Spaniel Puppies


Thank you so much to everyone who has applied for to adopt one of our Cocker Spaniel puppies. To say we have been inundated has been an understatement. The adoption post has reached an incredible 281,000 people with over 2,000 comments. We have received in excess of 600 completed application forms. Due to the overwhelming number of forms received we have now closed applications.
We have already started the mammoth task of sifting through the applications which has been extremely difficult as there are so many wonderful home offers - the quality is simply outstanding which makes it even harder. We hope to let applicants know if there application is being progressed, or whether they have been unsuccessful over the next few days. Please do not be disheartened if you have not been successful - we cannot stress how lovely the home offers are and how difficult it has been shortlisting.

As you can imagine, we have also been overwhelmed with emails and messages about the pups and are a little concerned that non-pup correspondence may have been missed. Please accept our apologies if you have not received a response and do give us a gentle nudge if we have missed you!
Thank you for your patience.