A heartfelt plea on behalf of our bullbreeds

A simple question. Why on God's earth are we still breeding bullbreeds? The "but I am a responsible breeder" argument simply doesn't wash when it comes to bullbreeds I am afraid. No part of me can rationalise it. Anyone breeding bullbreeds and can offer an explanation then please enlighten me. Then come and spend the day with us - are you brave enough to see the consequences of your selfish greed? Or would you rather pretend it is nothing to do with you and let hard working and under resourced rescues deal with the fallout?

Something else we have been up to this week...

We have been fortunate to be given the opportunity to film with the lovely comedian Rhod Gilbert this week. He has been working with Budget Vets for his Work Experience programme and Budgets were keen to involve us and get some welfare messages across. Rhod spent the afternoon with us at kennels on Tuesday then we filmed at the surgery on Wednesday. We have been back to the surgery again today for even more filming. We would like to say a huge thank you to Rhod and his team for the sensitive way they dealt with the Oscar situation.

What an amazing fundraising weekend!

What a great start to the summer show season! We kicked off with two great days at VegFestUK Bristol, raising £722.60 and finished with Team North attending an event in Meanwood, Leeds raising £204 and Team South Wales Dog and Family Fun Day at Fonmon Castle which raised £476.91. That's an amazing £1403.51 raised in 3 days! Well done and thank you to our fundraising teams up and down the country.

Trade Stands and *FREE* Charity Stands Available at Barking Mad, Nelson - August Bank Holiday Monday

This fabulous family event attracted over 1,800 visitors last year and is a great day out! Set amidst the stunning backdrop of Llancaiach Fawr Manor House we are offering traders the opportunity of a Trade Stall for the bargain price of just £30 - or FREE if you sponsor a Dog Show class for £50. Charities (any, not just rescues) are welcome to join us for FREE! We can also offer FREE weekend camping for any trade and charity stalls with a BBQ on the Saturday evening.

Charity Shop Update

We thought it is time we gave an update on our progress so far! Lauri, our graduate intern, has started and we have been busy researching and gathering information to support our business plan. We have spoken to the Town Centre Managers within the Local Authorities to obtain footfall numbers, and compared rents within the various towns. Using this data we have narrowed down our search to Caerphilly or Pontypridd with the latter been our preferred choice.