Another innocent victim of the trade in misery

The trade in misery is relentless. We see it up close and personal, and it's not pretty. Aerwen was one of the 14 English and French Bulldogs seized from a back yard breeder by South Wales Police following a series of raids in Cardiff back in July. Every single dog was poorly, some more than others. Aerwen was 8 weeks old when she arrived, and was struggling to breathe with fluid on her lungs. She was treated for pneumonia and despite being a sickly girl she was adopted by Amy and Stuart, two staff members who fell head over heels in love with her.

Job Vacancy: Project Officer

We are looking to start upgrading and refurbishing the rescue centre to improve the lives of our rescue dogs. Thanks to grant funding from Battersea we are looking for an experienced Project Officer to work with the operational team develop a 3-year Capital Projects Programme for minor capital and refurbishment projects. The Project Officer will take responsibility for projects from initial proposal, through to feasibility and business case, and manage funded projects though all subsequent project stages to completion.

Why do I foster?

We have a network of amazing foster homes that make a real difference to the lives of our dogs. Some dogs just don't do well in the kennel environment but thrive in a home, some need extra help to recover from illness or surgery, and for the very young or the golden oldies, a foster home is just what they need to help them find their forever family. 

Fostering is hugely rewarding and can be life-changing, both for the foster dog and foster carers. 

Local people rally round to help injured dog

Local people came to the aid of a dog that was thrown from a car in Torfaen. The young dog, thought to be a Saluki Lurcher cross, was caught and then kept safe until the dog warden could take him to a local vet. When examined, he was found to be suffering from osteoarthritis and serious problems in one hip with severe muscle wastage. On top of that he was skinny, covered in fleas and riddled with worms.