Another Emergency Admission

This lovely Shar pei girl was found in Penygraig earlier covered in blood. It seems she escaped and got in to a scrap with another dog. We traced her owners who weren't able to pay for her vet care and she has now been signed over to us. We have named her Sian. The poor girl was in shock with over 30 puncture wounds, lacerations and a nasty degloving injury on her leg and neck. Her blood pressure was low from the blood loss.

Poorly Lola abandoned with a life-threatening condition

Beautiful Lola was picked up in Pontypool by the police who took her straight to the vets. She was very flat and showing clinical signs of pyometra, an infection of the womb that can prove fatal if not caught early enough.

She needed emergency surgery to save her life so the dog warden asked us if we would meet the costs of treating her. Of course we didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Valentines Day Heartbreak

When we think we cannot be shocked anymore, something happens that breaks our hearts yet again. Cariad came in to our care on Valentines Day. She is aged at least 8 years, probably older. She is blind in both eyes – one eye has a total cataract and the other a chronic small eye that will need to be removed once she stops feeding. She has a grade 2 heart murmur, horrendous ear infection and likely water infection. Her fur was stained yellow from standing and sleeping in her own urine.

Picking up the pieces of back yard breeders again

Another day, another victim of the miserable backyard trade in designer puppies. We are angry, upset and frustrated yet again. Little Enzo was given away by his breeder at just 3 days old as he had a cleft palate. No cash to be made, only huge vet bills looming so it was easier for the breeder to pass the problem on. Fortunately, he ended up with someone who actually cared. They tube fed him until he was 5 weeks old, but could not afford to continue his care so reached out for help and Enzo moved in to our care.

Another innocent victim of the trade in misery

The trade in misery is relentless. We see it up close and personal, and it's not pretty. Aerwen was one of the 14 English and French Bulldogs seized from a back yard breeder by South Wales Police following a series of raids in Cardiff back in July. Every single dog was poorly, some more than others. Aerwen was 8 weeks old when she arrived, and was struggling to breathe with fluid on her lungs. She was treated for pneumonia and despite being a sickly girl she was adopted by Amy and Stuart, two staff members who fell head over heels in love with her.