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Ensuring we meet the welfare needs of the dogs in our care is a very costly business. The basic costs of preparing a dog for rehoming include neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, and flea and worm treatment. We do not discriminate against the dogs we help on the basis of breed, age or medical condition and many come in with underlying health conditions which can cost thousands of pounds. 

Apart from the runnings costs of our rescue centre, other operational costs include keeping our two rescue vans on the road to enable us to transport our dogs to vet appointments and also further afield to our rescue partners across the UK. Our Hope in the Community outreach work includes the provision of emergency respite care for dogs whose owners are facing emergency situations such as domestic abuse or homelessness. 

We have a number of dogs that cannot be rehomed due to medical or behavioural reasons and these are part of our Assisted Adoption programme which also supports the adoption of dogs with specific medical conditions that would otherwise be unadoptable due to the costs of their future vet treatment. 

Kia’s Story

Many of the dogs we help are bull breeds and larger breeds. Sadly, they are often more difficult to find rescue spaces and foster or adoption homes for. Our boarding kennels are lifesavers for these dogs. Kia spent over a year in kennels but the wait was well worth it when she was adopted by owner Zoe.

Roly’s Story

Roly was a very sickly puppy who came into our care from a Puppy Farm. He has bi-lateral hip and elbow dysplasia and will need a double hip replacement in the future. He has been adopted by owner Paula as an Assisted Adoption dog and we commit to meet the future costs associated with his joint problems for life.