Spike *Reserved*

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Spike *Reserved* has been rehomed. Click 'dogs' at the top of the page to see more dogs that need homes.
18 Week Old Male Chihuahua

Spike is an 18 week old Chihuahua. He is a very sensitive chap who is looking for a quiet home to help him gently gain confidence.  Spike must live with another dog/dogs as he needs the support of a steady friend when he is out and about. Due to his worried nature, at the moment, he is looking for an adult only home. 

Spike will need a bit more help with his housetraining but is a good traveller. He is keen to learn and positive reinforcement is helping him to learn about the world and build his confidence. However, Spike's new owner will need to be able to very slowly introduce him to the world at a level he can cope with, and not flood him. They will need to be able to read when he isn't coping and give him some space. New owners will be given support on his training by the staff at the centre to help ensure he grows up to be a happy adult. 

Spike is still a puppy and when he does find his feet he is a playful and very sweet chap. He has lots of potential in the right home.