2 Year Old Chihuahua x Pug

Rocco is a 2 year old Chihuahua x Pug. He is a very fun and active dog who is very keen to learn. Rocco hasn't had much training in the past and has found it hard to communicate with people as they haven't listened to him telling them when he is uncomfortable in a situation. He now sometimes feels like he has to shout to make himself heard! However the staff at the centre have worked to build his confidence and he is learning all the time that he doesn't need to react when he gets worried. Rocco has shown some guarding behaviour around things he considers high value and is worried will get taken away from him. This again is improving and his new owners will get lots of support from us at the centre on how to continue to help him with this.

Rocco isn't comfortable around children and so is looking for an adult only home. He adores other dogs, especially the ladies! He could live with another well adjusted dog and may be able to live with cats.

Rocco takes some time to build up his trust in new people so we would ask that potential adopters come to visit him at the centre a few times to get to know him before a slow introduction to the home, with full support from the centre staff. Rocco is going to be a little project for his new owners, however he has all the potential to be a very rewarding, fun and loving companion.

Whenever dogs comes into our care they are assessed before they are adopted. This is because the majority of our dogs come from Local Authority pounds and with little or no previous history. This initial assessment period allows us to assess temperament, personality and the best match for a new home. We do not work on a first come first served basis but always strive to find the ideal home for each dog.

All Hope Rescue dogs are neutered, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and microchipped prior to adoption. A homecheck is required, and you will need to come along to the centre to meet the dog with your own dog(s) and family. Our adoption fee is £180.

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