Pumpkin and Casper

Warning message

Pumpkin and Casper has been moved to another rescue who will find them a home. Click 'dogs' at the top of the page to see more dogs that need homes.
10 Year Old Female Crossbreed and 5 Year old Male Crossbreed

Pumpkin is a 10 year old collie cross and Casper is her 5 year old son. They are both very worried dogs who have come into us after their owner sadly passed away. Pumpkin and Casper have taken some time to adjust to life here at the centre and can still be very nervous at times. They are slowly starting to come out of themselves and enjoy playing with a ball and some gentle affection. Pumpkin and Casper have a very close bond and Casper looks to his Mum for reassurance constanlty, as well as giving her a kiss everytime he sees her! Both enjoy their exercise and exploring on a walk but their new owners will need to ensure walks are quiet without too many dogs or people to overwhelm them. They would love their new home to have a garden for them to play in. They would like a home with adults and teengers rather than small childre, who they do think are a bit scary! These lovely dogs are going to find moving in to a new home challenging and new owners will need to be prepared for some work initally. However they are very much worth the effort and seeing them make small improvements every week will be so rewarding.