Olwen *Reserved*

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6 Year Old Female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Olwen is a 6 year Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She has led a sheltered life and hasn't lived in a home environment before. Olwen is a very sweet little lad but she is also very sensitive and worried about a new situations due to her lack of experiences previously. Olwen is not yet confident enough to walk on a lead and new owners will be prepared to take things very slowly with her and support her in the basics like house training. 

Olwen would like a quieter home and it is essential her home already has a confident dog or dogs, as she is much happier in other dog company. Her new home will need to have an enclosed garden. Due to her sensitive nature Olwen would prefer a home without young children. She may be able to live with a cat. Despite her poor start Olwen's little tail doesn't stop wagging and she is desperate to make friends. In the right home she is going to make a very rewarding companion as long as owners go at her pace.