Noah *Reserved*

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Noah *Reserved* has been rehomed. Click 'dogs' at the top of the page to see more dogs that need homes.
10 Month Old Male Crossbreed

Noah is a 10 month old crossbreed who came into our care as a stray. In the kennels Noah was very scared and didn't want to interact with anyone. However after only a few hours in his foster home he blossomed and came out of his shell.

He is a very friendly, active and playful dog and has lots of terrier traits! He loves to be with people and is more than happy to climb onto a lap! He struggled initially to be left in his foster home but with work can now cope with being left for a few hours. He is housetrained and travels well. 

Noah loves other dogs and is very keen to interact and play. He would enjoy living with another dog and could live with a cat (although they would need to be dog savy as again, Noah wants to play and would scare a sensitive cat!) 

Noah will benefit from attending a training class, as recommended by the centre staff, as he could do with a refresh of the basic and he loves learning new things. 

He can live with children and would like an active lifestyle, with lots of exciting walks and activities.