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Jasper has been moved to another rescue who will find them a home. Click 'dogs' at the top of the page to see more dogs that need homes.
5 Year Old Male Crossbreed

Jasper is a 5 year old crossbreed. He came in with his Mother and Brother after his owner sadly passed away. Although Jasper does get on well with his family unit, he is more confident than them and together they become quite insular and scared of the world. Jasper is keen to grow in confidence outside of the family group. Jasper would like a home where there is a already another well adjusted dog to encourage his confidence further. He does play inappropriately sometimes so will need further gentle socialising. He will suit a home with adults and teenagers rather than small children who he find scary! He will suit an active owner but benefit from quiet walks where there wont too mnay people of dogs to overwhelm him. He would love a home with a garden to play in. Jasper loves toys and playing ball! Going into a new home is going to be a big deal for Jasper and new owners will need to be prepared for some teething problems. However watching him make small improvements everyday week is going to be so rewarding.