Diva *Reserved*

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7 Year Old Female Greyhound

Diva (affectionately known as Roo to her friends) is a 7 year old greyhound. She came to us after being injured at the track and needing to have her hind leg amputated. Diva was understabably very sensitive and fragile initially but thanks to lots of care in her foster home, and allowing Diva to make the first moves when she wants to initially affectionate she has blossomed. Diva loves food and has learnt very quickly where the treats are kept. She liked to dance around the kitchen when it is feeding time! Diva currently lives in foster with a Staffie who she gets on well with. She can be excited but small dogs so this will need management but she would enjoy living with a similar sized or bigger dog. Diva is ok to be left for a few hours (as long as she has her kong to keep her entertained!). She enjoys her walks and her three legs don't stop her running at full speed and showing a keen interest in squirrels!