Coco *Reserved*

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4 Year Old Female Labrador x Pointer

Coco came into our care in August in appalling condition, she has severe demodex causing her skin to be sore, an ear infection, broken tail and a burst mammary tumour. She has come on really well in her foster home and her hair has all grown back. We believe she is around 4 years old and a Labrador x Pointer. Coco loves everyone she meets, she has no idea of her size and is always keen to try to get on a lap! She is active and can be boisterous at times so will want lots of exercise and stimulation. Coco lives with two other dogs in her foster home and mixing well out and about, although again she can be a bit clueless of personal space and thinks everyone wants to say hello to her! Although Coco's demodex has cleared she still suffer from itchy skin and will need to be on treatment possibly permanently. This can be costly so something new owners needs to consider to ensure they are in a position to provide this. Coco can be left for short periods but she much prefer to be with her people so would like an owner who isn't out for long periods or who can take her with them. Due to her boisterous nature Coco is best suited to live with adults and teenagers rather than young children. She can live with other animals. Coco is a wonderful dog and extremely affectionate so please do consider her if you have room to welcome her onto your lap!