Our Core Values

At Hope Rescue we are guided in our work by the following core values:

Quality of care

We seek to provide our animals with the best quality of care available within our resources. We aim to ensure each animal has their emotional and physical wellbeing met through; a suitable environment; a suitable diet; providing the ability to exhibit normal behaviour patterns; and protecting them from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

Finding the right home for the right animal

Each animal is assessed and each home evaluated on their individual circumstances to ensure the right match. We aim to avoid blanket rehoming polices as far as possible to ensure a flexible approach to adoption.

Compassion for both animals and people

We show compassion for both the animals in our care and the people we deal with whatever their circumstances for using our services.


We do not discriminate against the animals we help based on their breed, age or medical condition. No adoptable animal is unnecessarily euthanised due to lack of space or time constraints.

Respect and Value

We respect and value our staff, volunteers, partners and supporters.

Strategic approach

We do not just deal with the problems caused by poor animal welfare, but actively seek to tackle the root causes and work towards being part of the solution.

Transparency and accountability

We strive to work in a way that is open, honest, and transparent and is accountable to our stakeholders.